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EVPLUG CHARGERS is a European based company located in the technologic park Alcala (Madrid). The EVPlug product line consists of both AC and DC charging equipment, connectors and sockets.

Evplug has an extensive line of DC Fast Charging Connectors (CCS Combo 1, CCS Combo 2) to service the chargers for metro, commercial, workplace and highway locations for re-charging passenger electric vehicles and heavy-duty electric vehicles, such as school, shuttle and transit buses.

In addition, EVPlug has a large array of AC charging connector products for the chargers of residential, workplace, multi-dwelling and commercial segments

What Clients Say

We are always happy to hear your honest opinion about our service and the experience that you get at our shop!

Easy installation. And it works quite nicely. The information screen tells how much of charge and how long it took.

Steven Fox

Steven Fox

EV Owner

The charger unit is good and have a good charging power. I recommend it for everyone it’s far better than the regular outlet charger which takes 15 hours to complete charging my car. Now I need only three hours to charge my car from scratch to full and that’s a great improvement. I really like it I recommend it to everybody. I did test the unit under the rain and I really like to see the unit working in wet conditions.

William Sanders

William Sanders


The charger worked perfect the first time I plugged it in. Everything is automatic and easy to use. Mounting was very easy. The cord is just long enough, but 5 more feet would be nice

Linda Moore

Linda Moore


A fabulous charger! It comes very well packaged and you can tell it’s a quality product! I’m an electrical engineer so fitting this was easy for me, however, if you’re not trained, I´d advise you to get someone to fit it.
Once installed it’s incredibly easy to use! I would definitely recommend it!

Jeremy Watts

Jeremy Watts


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