I have to say that to install few new charging points at work will bring you some benefits: First and foremost, your will be showed as green company with social responsibility, strengthens your company and you can also get new talent offering the a free charging benefits. However, to set up a new EV charging installation could be a bit complicated, find the correct supplier, not only the physical installation, also, the new charging policy, the electric installation, etc. But don’t worry, we have created this blog to make you easier to set up your new EV charging space.


  1. Get all stakeholders on board

As every time you are starting any new project, you should search how many of your employee would be interested on the EV charging program, where are they charging, and how many of them are thinking to get a new electric vehicle.

Also, what other challengers you will have to go through?, get unions on board from the very beginning, who is the owner of your utilities, if there are not yours, you should have to make an agreement, directors of the different departments, suppliers and other stakeholders of your company or building, and get an idea of the total amount of the project what can be calculated on the following way:

  • Smart EV charger between 450 and 1000€
  • Installation, demanding of how far is the electrical connection it could start from 500 € for each charging point.
  • Maintenance cost
  • Check what grants and incentives you can apply to in your country


  1. Choose what charger would fix your needs?

Would be a private parking, sharing parking, you will allow third parties to charge on it

There are many options on the market and you have to go through the following questions before you choose what you have to install:

  • Plug compatibity: there are different kind of plugs, but mainly you will have 2, Type one or Type 2, currently in the European market place, the 75% of the plugs are Type 2.
  • Power: depending of the power and capacity of the cars that would use this charging installation, you should choose between 3.5 kW to 22kW. You can find charging time and charger power (kW) on the following link (www.evplugchargers.com /choose-product/)
  • Technology: there are many different technologies, nevertheless, the easy one any company is the RFID card that can be personalized and each user would have his own one.
  • Safety: Select only chargers that have passed all European certificates as TUV, have the CE declaration, and a protection rating minimum as IP54. Leakage detection and protection, Short circuit, over current, over voltage, under voltage, double lighting and over temperature protection.
  • Installation: Find on the market an experienced chargers installer and certified for this job. If you have any more questions or doubts about setting up a workplace charging infrastructure, contact our experts now.


  1. Charging policy:

It is really important to create a charging policy that makes crystal clear how that would work with the answers to these previous points, as chargers technology, charging time, rules of use, payment system, etc.

If you want to explore some other solutions for your business, check our products here. (www.evplugchargers.com/shop/)

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